In a previous post, we’ve talked about how we were developing a better “9V” (PP3) battery charger and how it was based on an old project of mine. After about a week since the first prototype PCB was soldered up and ready for firmware development, we’ve released our latest product.

We were able to quickly build the firmware for the final version because most of the work was already done from the prototype that we had built last year, but that only got us so far. Most of the work this time wasn’t on the voltage/current regulation code, but instead was on the user interface, and on the actual detection of the charge/discharge status of the battery.

This is a pretty small product and something that is, in my opinion, quite different from what’s currently available on the market. I hope you enjoy it and consider purchasing one!

I sell on Tindie

For a long while I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for the company, a place where I can write about things that are happening, share some quick tips and tricks that I’ve learned from a current project, and post updates on what we are currently up to.

After wasting quite a lot of time figuring out how WordPress themes work in order to make it fit with our website’s current theme, I’m happy to announce that we finally have the blog up and running!

This blog won’t be dedicated to anything in particular, basically if something is happening in the workshop and I feel like sharing, it’ll be posted here, so expect some interesting content to come out in the near future!

Currently I’m extremely busy and making some changes to the website in order to accommodate a portfolio of my projects that I’ve made in the past, or products that are not currently for sale, so it might take a while until I make another post.